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When we bought our home we also acquired a horrible fenced-off lumpy collection of dying grass and haphazard plants in the front and back yards. Our home is situated opposite a beautiful wide open park, yet the poorly planned fence we also acquired denied us a view of this beauty.

We knew we needed to improve these things.

We had seen positive reviews of Organic Matters Landscaping and shortly got in touch. The gentleman who leads the company – Veit – PROMPTLY came to visit for a consultation. He asked what we wanted done; we simply wanted our front and back yards to “look better” but we had NO specific idea how to accomplish this, so we asked if we could leave it up to him to create a plan. He was more than happy to do so and shortly returned with a detailed portfolio (schematics, photos of ALL the plants and stones, the water features AND a detailed timeline and estimate) and Veit’s planning and vision was THOROUGH and INSPIRED!

Work began, continued and was finished on schedule. Veit consulted with us at every step of the process and kept us informed and involved. Please know all the work was done so unobtrusively – these folks exemplify the peak of professionalism! Veit assembled a team of highly skilled artists and craftspeople – all of them champions of their disciplines – who transformed our awful front and back yards into things of remarkable beauty!

We feel that Veit is first and foremost an artist and has such amazing vision. The infinite wonders of nature form his palette and his knowledge. Secondly, Veit seeks out and finds other experts to realize his vision, and all are absolutely top-shelf!

He and his team completely altered our landscape and now our front yard is like a welcome extension of the vast and beautiful park across the street. Our back yard is now a gorgeous Eden; a peaceful sanctuary and a thing of sheer wonder.

Veit continues to send his team to manicure and nurture our yards at regular intervals always coinciding with bi-weekly compost collection by the city of Vancouver!

We would definitely recommend Organic Matters Landscaping to you in a heartbeat; Veit and his team really love what they do and it shows in their work. They are simply the best!

Sincerely and enthusiastically,

Greg and Janet Kushner


Veit has done work for me for many years. His organic approach to gardening is what drew me to call him originally. Hand-powered lawn mowing, brooms instead of blowers. His knowledge of plants and garden maintenance are second to none. His garden installations are beautiful and impressive, working effortlessly with a variety of hardscaping materials. There is never any project too big or too small for Veit to take on, I can always rely on him to do a great job!”

Diane Bridges


Veit Hillebrand of Organic Matters Landscaping has been working on my garden since 2002. It is a company who designed and now tends to my garden with great knowledge and stewardship toward responsible, organic methods of gardening. I have never been unhappy with the results.

Christine Haebler, West Vancouver, BC


We love the way that Veit designed and landscaped our front yard. He offered several suggestions to give the space a cleaner look, and we are thrilled with the results. He and his crew were wonderful — punctual, efficient and meticulous. We also appreciate how they are mindful of the environment when choosing plants, building materials and labour methods. We get compliments from friends and neighbours as well as complete strangers who happen to be walking past our house. We would recommend Veit to anyone – he really was a pleasure to work with.

Elaine and Ian Wardley, Vancouver