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Organic Matters Landscaping Ltd. (OML) offers a complete residential landscape design, construction and maintenance service.

We are working towards creating sustainable and eco-friendly gardens using mostly native and well-adapted plants that thrive with minimal care. Our designs are often incorporating local materials, such as basalt and cedar. We are also striving to embrace new innovative eco-technologies (i.e.: grey water recycling for irrigation, roof and vertical gardens, permeable surfaces).

OML is proud to provide a silent and organic maintenance service without noisy and polluting gas-powered garden equipment. We refrain further from using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, instead utilizing organic methods such as compost applications and organic lawn fertilizers.

SOUL-certificationOML is fully insured and WCB-covered. OML is a member of the Society of Organic Urban Land care (SOUL).

Veit Hillebrand (owner/manager) is a German-trained certified horticulturist, certified ecological landscape designer, organic farmer and landscaper. He has installed and maintained gardens in the lower mainland since 1997 and founded OML in 2003.